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Dead Presidents (Exponential Apocalypse, #2) (2012)

by Eirik Gumeny(Favorite Author)
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0984612785 (ISBN13: 9780984612789)
Jersey Devil Press
review 1: This book is a bucketful of crazy and I enjoyed every minute. Sure, the humor is crude and raunchy, and there is swearing and killing. It also takes place after the world has ended 28 times, there are clones, dinosaurs, a telepathic squirrel, and plenty of other surprises. This book is hysterical and ridiculous and I loved it. You just don't know what is going to happen next, because anything can happen.I haven't read Exponential Apocalypse, which is the first in the series, but it wasn't a problem. It is on my to-read list now. Sometimes you just need to read something that bears no resemblance to reality and doesn't take itself seriously.
review 2: Dead Presidents picks up where Book 1 left off. Thor and Company are back at the Secaucus Holiday Inn dealing wi
... moreth few customers, weird happenings and another apocalypse or two. Or three. I lost count. Anyway, an escaped homicidal Andrew Jackson II decides he needs to eliminate his political competition before running for President even though there is no government to speak of, so he sets a trap for Chester A. Arthur XVII. Thus ensues death, mayhem, destruction, Dunkin Donuts, a butter monster, travel by flamingo and the resurrection of a reconstituted President.Another fast humorous read that had me giggling until the end. If you enjoyed Exponential Apocalypse then you’ll enjoy Dead Presidents. Although I’m still picturing Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Not that that’s a bad thing. And every time Chester A. Arthur is mentioned I think of Die Hard: With A Vengeance.*Many thanks to Jersey Devil Press for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page on my blog. less
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Every bit as brilliant and hilarious as the original.
Even more awesome than the first
Fuck yeah.
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