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The Dragon Heart Keeper (Dragon Heart #1) (2013)

by L.L. Hunter(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 5
L.L. Hunter
review 1: One of the worst books (if you can even call it a book) I've read in a while... Thank god it was less than 100 pages (eBook) otherwise I would've just left it after the first couple of chapters. Don't get me wrong - it had the potential to be an awesome book/novella, but it was poorly executed. Some serious editing needs to take place. Waste of time - don't bother reading it. My Rating:2/10
review 2: The whole idea behind the story was interesting, but the way the story was written didn't get to me. It felt like It all went too fast, too many things were mentioned, but never explained. There's no connection with the main characters, no reason to like them. At most I felt like Eva pissed me off and Ash was a total pushover. And their behavior is strange. Ash see
... morems to agree with everything that's happening to him, even when others lie to him all the time. Oh and then there's the ending... well I just didn't like it. less
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I think there could be really great story here if it was developed more.
did not like it. its a short book and didn't make sense.
Same book, new fresh cover!
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