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Aislados (2012)

by Megan Crewe(Favorite Author)
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9788499185 (ISBN13: 9788499185224)
Roca Juvenil
Fallen World
review 1: The first book in the Fallen World Trilogy is a lot tamer than you would imagine a dystopian YA novel would be, at least in the terms of the disease it center-points. Rather than say, oh a raging zombie infection, the virus that plagues the town in Crewe's fictional island (I was confused by WHERE this story actually takes place) is more of a psychotic type. The virus starts with an itch you keep scratching, then coughing, sneezing, overly friendly thought blurting phase, hallucinations combined with screaming, then finally death. I have a soft spot for quick-paced intense books with virus-infestations of humans and how they deal with life. Megan Crewe's novel wasn't fast-paced, but the first person perspective (in form of journaling to be precise) was effective in telling... more the whole story well. Kaelyn's recollections feel eerie in this sense, because the reader count help but wonder if this "journal" of Kaelyn's ever makes i to outside of the island. It's exciting in this sense. I'm not saying I loved "The Way We Fall", but it was a nice break from the intensity of your typical disease-causing-human-extinction plot lines. In between reading Jeyne ROberts and Laurie Faria-Stolarz, pick up Megan Crewe. Only once you realize that death is friendly can you allow yourself to continue in your dark psychotic path of reading.
review 2: After reading the reviews for this series I decided not to continue with it. There is the old love triangle and the way that situation was handled seemed a little heartless. It seems the good dies, the jerks live, and the way it seems this author killed off main characters made no sense to me, from what I read from the reviews.Imagine, these young people going through an apocalyptic time, struggling to survive, running from danger that comes in the form of the living and undead, why couldn't a couple stay together and fight through that by each others side. In this time of trying to survive a love triangle is the last thing I would care about. There should of been one established couple through the whole series, standing strong together to help each other their friends and other survivors.Reading about a fickle girl/guy who cannot make up their mind about who they love seems to be out of place in this time of the story where these young people had to grow up quickly.As far as I can tell this is not a romance book, so do authors use the love triangle in a story like this. I would be more impressed if two people becomes a couple they stay that way through out, the trying to get away from the dead and not fall to illness themselves is enough drama.I swear this love triangle thing being used as a hook in these stories is getting old.I read this type of a book for the science fiction/ paranormal aspect not the romance, that's a bonus if done right.It's a damn shame too because I was looking forward to reading this series, but I am tired of the love triangle drama and plan to stay from away from it. It's almost like playing with the characters emotions, making them immature and indecisive and in a book with this topic seems out of place. less
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Great book and series
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