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The Seventh Blessing (2011)

by Melissa Buell(Favorite Author)
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The Little Things
Tales of Gymandrol
review 1: The Seventh Blessing by Melissa Buell is a charming story about a princess named Samantha. Samantha longs to do what is expected of her as a princess but the seven blessings she received as a baby keep getting in her way. She must learn to be true to herself while becoming the princess she is meant to be. There are many things that I like about this book and the main character Samantha is definitely one of them. Samantha is a funny, smart and courageous character. She is wildly independent and also fiercely loyal. I loved reading about her journey of self discovery. Her gifts, unusual for a princess, make her a unique character. Her parents, King Bennett and Queen Adelaide are anxious for her to settle down. Samantha doesn't share her parents opinion nor does she like her ... moresuitors, Prince Nolan and Prince Linden. I had so much fun reading the banter between Nolan and Samantha. They have a tumultuous history that makes their relationship complicated. The story line in The Seventh Blessing is good. The story begins with Samantha receiving her blessings as a young infant, then we get to see certain periods in her childhood and how her 'blessings' affect her and those around her. Most of the story takes place when Samantha is a teenager. There are several themes in this book including being true to who you are, standing up for yourself, forgiveness and love. Overall this is a great story. This would be the perfect fantasy book for middle grade and up. This book is full of action, adventure and a little romance. I really enjoyed this novel and I look forward to reading more about the Tales of Gymandrol.
review 2: This is a fun tale of Princess Samantha who is anything but dainty. Her gifts that were bestowed on her by the fae were really meant for a boy becoming a king. So, a false ceremony bestowing her fake gifts was given and she was trained in secret to become a knight. I really enjoyed this story as Sam was no wilting flower. She was still a princess and stayed to her duties as a princess despite her dislike of those duties. Nolan, a man who finds her incredibly attractive and interesting, was her nemesis as a child and she never forgave him until they both met as young adults. As their friendship grew so did their attraction to each other. I found this attraction frustrating as it too FOREVER for them to both settle down and admit they had this attraction to each other. The back and forth was a bit too much, but was nice when it was finally settled.There was also a prologue which prefaced a war that set things up for the final battle. I actually found this to be unnecessary and actually confusing to the whole story. Also, when the bad guy had a bit of his past shown to Sam in the climax, I thought it was a bit too much there as well. I think the back story of Dagan (the bad fae) would be best totally taken out of this story and made into his own book. It just seemed like it was a story that wanted to be told, but didn't quite fit into the tale that was being told in this book.I think this is a fun book that might need a bit more editing, and I give it 3 stars. It is a delightful tale of a princess who stood on her own to learn to become a leader rather than arm candy. less
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