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Strength Of A Giant (2013)

by Tony Passarelli(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 2
1446600297 (ISBN13: 9781446600290)
review 1: I got this book as a free Kindle download as it was offered digitally to those who didn't win a hard copy in in the 'giveaways.' I won't say this novel is poorly written, as it is not. It is, very simply, not my 'cup of tea' as the expression would say. That means I did not manage a connection with my characters. I could not see the abstractness of their universe. I didn't feel the powers which drove their decisions. For me, this story had so much potential, but the author delivered more adverbs than emotion. Quite possibly, I would have gotten more from the full version as the Kindle version is only an abbreviated part of the real thing. That said, I looked into the other renderings from Passarelli and see one, if not two titles, I am apt to try. Just because one story di... moredn't cry out to me, doesn't mean another one will share the same fate.
review 2: Having received this as a Goodreads Giveaway, I was keen to read it, Having read it in one sitting I found I was thoroughly confused by it. I think because it is a short story with characters from another longer book, I was confused as to what was happening. However, determined not to give in I tried it again several weeks later. Unfortunately, I have to say it is not really my type of story. Although very well written, I just found it too confusing to absorb me. Perhaps I need to read more by this author, or at least the book that this novella is based upon. less
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I had a real hard time getting in to this book. There didn't seem to be a beginning or an end.
This was a good read. It was fast paced and action packed, everyone should read it.
Lovely short story! Will read it again!
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